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It is Cinelogue’s great aspiration to provide more visibility, accessibility and inclusivity for films from the Global Majority and open critical dialogues around their contexts. By streaming our films globally and giving various communities access to their own and each other’s cinema and cinematic histories, our aim is to create international solidarity networks through cinema.


Cinelogue is currently extending its technological infrastructure to a subscription service that will allow for a more sustainable model for all: Filmmaker, user and provider. While we are expanding our library with 80+ films in collaboration with independent curators, distributors, and film festivals from countries and communities within Asia, Africa and Latin America, your donation would help us sufficiently compensate Cinelogue’s team members in this process to ensure a smooth and innovative streaming experience.


Our next goal is to make our platform available in multiple languages and offer a translation service for the films on our platform. Cinelogue is especially keen to provide subtitles in languages most spoken in the (neighboring) regions the films are from.

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