When Women Speak

by Aseye Tamakloe

Ghana, 2022

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This documentary challenges perceptions that Ghanaian women’s activism around existential and political issues is of more recent or ‘western’ origin. While the contributions of African women to anti-colonial and nationalist struggles have been recognized, the position of women in post-independence states and societies has been very uncertain. The film traces 16 women who came of age in the 1960s and 1970s. It follows their experiences, told in their own words, as Ghana passed through periods of military, single-party, and multi-party rule.

– African Film Festival New York

about the director

Aseye Tamakloe is a filmmaker, film educator, and cultural activist. She has taught in multi-cultural settings in the capacity of visiting lecturer to film institutions such as the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound (RITCS), Erasmus University College Brussels, Belgium, the University of Arcada Helsinki, Finland and New York University, Accra. She is a co-programmer for the Film Africa Festival, London’s biggest celebration of African and African diaspora cinema presented by the Royal African Society. She was the Festival Manager of the European Film Festival, Ghana. (EUFFGH). Aseye Tamakloe is the founder and festival director of the NDIVA Women’s FILM FESTIVAL. A festival that aims to create artistic platforms for presenting and preserving work by, for and about women. As a freelance editor, her works include award-winning films and television productions such as “Perfect Picture” and “Different Shades of Blue”, by Shirley Frimpong–Manso, “Who is Afraid of Ngugi” by Manthia Diawara, “Freetown” by Garret Barty and Standards of Migration by Kwame Crentsil.