Trans Kashmir

by S.A. Hanan, Surbhi Dewan

India, 2022

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For generations, the transgender women of Kashmir have worked as matchmakers and performers but their gender, economic and socio-political realities make them some of the most vulnerable people in the world today. Offering an intimate glimpse into their unique culture, resilience, and beauty, this documentary chronicles their growing movement to secure basic human rights. Also featuring the pre-eminent gender rights activist in Kashmir, who is fighting to ensure the future survival of this community.

about the directors

Surbhi Dewan is an independent writer, director & producer. Her films connect personal portraits to larger socio-political landscapes. Her interests lie at the intersection of political conflict, displacement, memory and personhood. She is deeply committed to presenting unique perspectives and humanizing ‘the other’ through her films. Her notable films include her recent award-winning films An Open Sky and Daughter of Nepal. She has also co-produced A Thin Wall, a feature length documentary film about personal stories from the Partition of India. Surbhi produces social and commercial content with her New Delhi-based production company, Painted Tree Pictures.

S.A. Hanan is a television producer, director and an educator. He has produced and directed around 300 hours of television programs that include documentaries, short fiction films, public service announcements, and talk show series for various television channels. Hanan is a recipient of the International Ford Fellowship (2007) – granted to social change leaders for their commitment to foster social justice, minority rights, and gender equality worldwide, especially in developing countries. Hanan has also extensively written on sustainable development, minority and gender issues, and other related subjects for various publications in Kashmir. He has taught film production as a guest faculty at many universities and institutes in India.