by Duiren Wagua

Panama, 2021

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Ibegwa is a short film that tells the story of Guani, an albino Gunadule boy who lives with constant discrimination for being different. To get out of his reality, Guani invents an imaginary friend, Nuchu, a character who guides him and together they build their own universe through games.

about the director

Cinematographer and audio-visual producer from the Gunadule nation of Panama. He has nine years of experience in Panamanian cinema. Throughout his career he has worked with national and international film and television production companies in his territory, the Gunayala Region, as well as in the capital city, for organisations in countries such as Spain, France, Denmark, Holland and Norway. He is co-founder of Wagua Films S.A. an audio-visual company that offers production and consulting services to companies that want to film in the indigenous territories of Panama. As a cinematographer he has worked on films such as: Suenan Las Campanas by Luz Boyd, Cuscús by Risseth Yanguez which is still at the filming stage, and Paralelo by Ana Patricia Angulo. He has travelled to Guajira-Colombia, territory of the Wayuu nation, to film Sukujula Tei by David Hernández Palmar. He has taught photography workshops for the Audio-visual Creation Laboratory of the El Buen Vivir project run by the National Communication Commission (CONCIP) in Colombia, as well as for Central American young people, via the international organization If Not Us Then Who.