Sola (Alone)

by Seneca Dávalos

Peru, 2023

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After showing herself as she is, Luisa, who’s dedicated to crest traditional Andean textiles, is rejected by her nephew and her whole town. This leads to a series of events that will make her choose between recovering the only family bond she’s got left or choose herself in the process.

about the directors

Seneca Dávalos is a student and filmmaker. An activist for animal rights, feminist, and advocate for LGBTIQ+ community rights, Seneca seeks to bring visibility to various social causes in her projects. Guided by her heart and imagination, she strives to approach the stories she tells with empathy and love, thus contributing to a more inclusive and respectful cinema for all diversities. Her debut film, SOLA, is an example of this and shows the direction her vision as a director is heading.