Di Balik Cahaya Gemerlapan (Sang Arsip) (Behind the Flickering Light (The Archive))

by Hafiz Rancajale

Indonesia, 2013

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A tribute to Indonesian legend Haji Misbach Yusa Biran, Behind The Flickering Light (The Archive) traces the personal life of the famous archivist, who founded Southeast Asia’s first film archive – Sinematek Indonesia.

about the director

Hafiz Rancajale is an artist, curator, and filmmaker. Rancajale is founder of Forum Lenteng, an egalitarian non-profit organization as a means of social and cultural studies development based in Indonesia, and artistic director of ARKIPEL: Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, Jakarta. He is also co-founder of artists’ initiative ruangrupa. Rancajale lives and works in Jakarta.