Country Love

by Wapah Kelechi Ezeigwe

Nigeria, 2022

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Kambili returns home after fifteen years when his sister, Nneka, writes him a heartfelt letter of reconciliation. Upon his return, Kambili is confronted by the bitter-sweet memories of his childhood, his estranged relationship with his family, and his affection for his boyhood friend, Ifediora. Hopeful that things would work out for the better – that he would rebuild his relationship with his sister and re-unite with Ifediora – his expectations are crushed when it dawns on him that Ifediora, despite being homosexual, is now engaged to a woman, and Nneka has still not changed from who she used to be.

about the director

Wapah Ezeigwe is an Igbo filmmaker. They graduated Magna cum Laude from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka where they studied literature, which had an impact on their artistic identity as a filmmaker. They later earned a scholarship to take a course with the Sundance Collab and were selected by the Multichoice Talent Factory to be amongst the 20 West African filmmakers to be trained in its film academy. Country Love is their debut short film and has screened in festivals, including the Oscar-qualifying Out On Film Festival, Atlanta and the Canadian Screen Award-qualifying Vancouver Queer Film Festival. Wapah’s works constantly explore Queer identity and the Queer experience within the African context.