Sedap Malam (Agave Amica)

by Gembong Nusantara

Indonesia, 2022

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Immense funerals take place at once, leaving behind exhausted gravediggers and mourning families. Some flowers are brought to the graves to honor the dead.

about the director

Gembong attended Danish School of Media and Journalism, Denmark and Diploma of Photojournalism Ateneo de Manila, Philippines. As a visual journalist, he is represented by Agentur Focus Germany and has been commissioned by Al Jazeera, SEA Globe, TIME, Washington Post, Internazionale, Roads and Kingdoms CNN, USAID, International Republican Institute, World Animal Protection, International Monetary Fund, Society Magazine, Global Citizen, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, and others.

Agave Amica is his debut as a writer and director.