Naga yang Berjalan di Atas Air (The Dragon Who Walks On The Water)

by Otty Widasari

Indonesia, 2012

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A little story from the border city of Tangerang and Bogor Regency, where Kang Sui Liong, the temple guard, lives with his wife and son. Times change. Kang Sui Liong bears witness to the glory of the Benteng Chinese living from downstream in Tangerang to upstream in Bogor, until the process of assimilation blackens their skin. At dusk, Kang Sui Liong sits stunned at a crossroads, asking himself, where this ancestral heritage will be taken to?

about the director

Otty Widasari is an artist and one of the founders of Forum Lenteng, a collective in Jakarta focusing on art, media, and sociocultural studies. Her solo artistic practice is nourished by her engagement with media activism, journalistic experiences dealing with social and historical actualities, and a lifelong study and connoisseurship of film. A continuous drawing practice gathers all her activities into one place: her working diary.