Días de Luz (Days of Light)

by Gloria Carrión Fonseca, Julio López Fernández, Mauro Borges Mora, Enrique Pérez Him, Sergio Ramírez

Costa Rica / El Salvador / Guatemala / Honduras / Nicaragua / Panama, 2019

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During five days a solar storm hits Central America. People In each of these countries will have to face life in its more basic terms, disconnected from the technology they normally depend on. Fear, friendship and love emerge as they come together with others, while the skies are lit by tropical lights never seen before.

about the director

Enrique Pérez Him graduated from the International Film and T.V. School from San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba (EICTV). His feature film Puro Mula won The Latin America First Copy Award at the Habana Film Festival 2009 and became the best box office Guatemalan film in 2009. In 2012 he premiered the documentary feature film Chaos in The City part of DocTV Latin America, which was spread in 15 countries of the region. He is the director, executive producer and screenwriter of the film Kenke, premiered in 2015 in movie theaters in Panama and through a very successful online world premiere. He’s currently working on his new film, the sci-fi thriller I Am the Internet.

Mauro Borges graduated in Film and T.V. at the Veritas University, Costa Rica specializing in Direction. He graduated from the Madrid Film Institute in screenplay writing, direction and documentary filmmaking. He directed Sand, a short film filmed in 35mm winner of the first prize FUNDACINE Cinexpres and selected for the Short Film Corner, Cannes Festival 2010. He has worked as assistant director, director, writer and producer in film and T.V. and has been part of international workshops at Los Angeles University (UCLA, 2012) as well as the International Film and T.V. School from San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba (EICTV).

Gloria Carrion has a master in documentary filmmaking from Universidad del Cine, in Buenos Aires and a diploma from Tisch School of the Arts, in NYC. In 2017, her debut documentary Heiress of the Wind had its world premiere at IDFA. Since then, it has been shown in more than 80 international film festivals, and won several awards. In 2022, she wrote and directed Leaves of K., a short animated documentary that will have its world premiere at Sheffield DocFest under official international shorts competition. She is the founder of the production company Caja de Luz and is currently developing her next documentary feature and a video installation.

Enrique Medrano studied digital cinematography at the Madrid Film Institute and graduated from the International Film and T.V. School from San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba (EICTV), from Film Directing. He studied Acting and Comparative Literature at Puerto Rico University. He has participated in the Guadalajara Talent Campus two times and in the Berlinale Talents. His short films have been selected and awarded in different international film festivals in Sitges, Toulouse, New York, San Diego, Panama and Guadalajara. He was the first Honduran film director selected in the Development Workshop for Iberoamerican Feature Films. Currently, he is in the preproduction of his first film Todas Las Horas del Día

Julio López is a director and cinematographic producer of Mexican-Salvadoran nationality. In his filmography as a producer, there are seven feature films that have been premiered and / or awarded at numerous international festivals. As a director, his feature films are the documentary La Batalla del Volcán (2018) and Polvo de Gallo (2022). He is the founding partner of the Mexican production company Cine Murciélago. He has participated in meetings of filmmakers at Berlinale Talent Campus, Emerging Producers of Jihlava IFF and IDFA Academy. 

Sergio Ramírez studied Communication at the Rafael Landívar University in Guatemala. Distance, his first feature film as director and screenwriter, won various international awards, including Best Directorial Debut at the Habana Film Festival 2011. His second feature film is titled 1991 (2021), won the WIP award at the Costa Rica Festival Internacional de Cine. It premiered at the Miami International Film Festival and won the Best Actor award at the Havana Film Festival New York. He has been a jury at the Platino and Fénix Awards and has taught at various universities in Guatemala. From 2013-2017 he was the President of the Guatemalan Film Association.