Mayday! May Day! Mayday!

by Yonri Revolt

Indonesia, 2022

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In their five-year ongoing strike, the workers are still surviving and struggling to make ends meet. Deni Purba sells used clothes after being released from prison. Steven Yawan who still continues to speak loudly in the capital. Musyawir with his expertise in coffee tells the story of the brutal actions at the beginning of the strikes.

about the director

Filmmaker, writer and journalist Yonri Revolt has developed several documentaries and citizen journalism projects with Yoikatra Community, a collective he founded based in Timika, Papua. They include Mama Amamapare (2016) winner of Best Short Documentary at the Indonesian Film Festival. His most recent film, Mayday! May Day! Mayday! (2022) has its international premiere at IFFR 2023