Khartoum Offside

by Marwa Zein

Sudan, Norway, Denmark, France, 2019

Khartoum Offside
streaming regions: GLOBAL
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A group of young women in Khartoum are determined to play football professionally, resisting the imposed ban by Sudan’s military dictatorship. Through an intimate documentary portrait, we follow these women over a few years in their courageous struggle to officially establish Sudan’s National Women’s Football team.

about the director

Marwa Zein is an award-winning film director, scriptwriter, camera-person, and producer with Nubian/Sudanese roots.  Next to Khartoum Offside (2019), she has completed the two short fiction films One week, Two days (2016) and A Game (2019). She is currently working on her first feature-length fiction film.


Berlinale Forum (2019)