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current programme:
until spring 2022

Cinema After Liberation

A celebration of some of the most artistically crafted films that emerged in the first two decades of independence following direct colonial rule.

These films explore questions of duality, the self, and the other through the ongoing search for individual and collective agency. All films offer a first raw glance at the joys and pains experienced in societies that were internally and externally fractured by colonial violence.

with commentary by:
Talal Afifi, writer, film critic and founder of Sudan Film Factory
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Tajouj by Gadalla Gubara / Sudan 1977

Considered the first feature film of Sudanese production, Tajouj lends itself to the epic genre, as it is adapted from a Sudanese folk tale on the values of heroism, bravery and love. The story poses questions about loyalty, betrayal, and the difficult decisions its protagonists face in the contexts of their societies and their surrounding power dynamics. 

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