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The film content includes images of violent self-harm and/or suicide that may be triggering. We kindly ask you to confirm your acknowledgment of this trigger warning before continuing with watching the film.

Caméra d’Afrique

Férid Boughedir

Tunisia, 1983

documentary, 1h 35m
language: FR
subtitles: EN, PT
streaming regions: GLOBAL


In 1983, filmmaker Férid Boughedir took the initiative to look back on the past twenty years of African cinema through interviews with African filmmakers and actors, and excerpts from 18 films. A homage to the history of “postcolonial” African cinema.

about the director

Férid Boughedir was born in 1944 in Hammam-Lif, French Protectorate of Tunisia (the present day Republic of Tunisia). A journalist at Jeune Afrique magazine since 1971, he first became known as a film critic through his works and publications on the history of African and Arab cinema. Férid Boughedir is currently professor of cinema at the University of Tunis.


Cannes Film Festival (1983)

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